It's all about the math!

At the lowest signal levels it's all about the math, math that allows us to quantize and process the tiniest of radio signals into something discernible amongst the noise; small steps to quantum leaps!
QuantumSDR devices process tiny samples of radio signals in the In-phase and Quadrature format (IQ), or convert RF signals to that format, and then render a wide spectrum scope with audio and data channels using advanced but affordable electronics.
In the future we'll be working on quantum radio as related to the detection of signals through monitoring atoms in the Rydberg state, this is where it gets interesting... contact us if would you like to know more!

A wider view

Born out of love for an old radio that had no DSP, the Spectrum DSP is evolving into something new!
With 192 KHz audio processing, the noise level on HF bands is considerably reduced!

We're working on exciting new features, like CW, SSB auto-tuning and search.

Quantum Spectrum DSP M2 192KHz band view
Quantum Spectrum DSP M2 192KHz band view

Quality, not quantity

Quality first. We're building these devices with care, well, because we want one too!

Laser precision CNC cut aluminium. Anodized to produce a truly durable finish.