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The smart Radio computer!

As radio enthusiasts we dream of far away horizons, of smart radios than can connect us to the remotest corners of the world! Soon the Spectrum will be able to do not only that, but also listen to us, reply, interpret and act..!

With the new Spectrum DSP M-Plus today, we can see and tune to stations across the bands in an instant, see band conditions and much more, including access the latest digital modes including an advanced CW decoder with text sending! More than that, the audio quality produced by the Spectrum is low noise and a pleasure to listen to!

News update Apr 12: The new DSP M2-Plus Spectrums are now shipping regularly, and the backlog will be completed before the end of the month.
There have been a few weeks delays due to component shortages and the replacement of a power regulator for a newer low-noise version, but monthly production should now run smoothly to cope with the volume.

The noise figures for this lightning-fast DSP SDR are dramatically lower than the first model, and the graphics features, especially on the day-bright 5-inch LCD, are truly stunning, able to achieve 1000 frames per second!

The electronics now includes a 20-30dB pre-amplifier for the IF/RF receiver, a sensitive microphone for the voice user interface, and a powerful audio amplifier.

We are working on many new features and screen formats, including digital modes.

** For those people that have requested the upgrade to the 5-inch LCD screen, please click this link to make the outstanding payment as soon as possible.

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Spectrum DSP M-Plus SDR unit
Spectrum DSP M-Plus SDR unit

G90 + Spectrum DSP+ using 12 KHz offset for reduced noise