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The smart Radio computer!

As radio enthusiasts we dream of far away horizons, of smart radios than can connect us to the remotest corners of the world! Soon the Spectrum will be able to do not only that, but also listen to us, reply, interpret and act..!

With the new Spectrum DSP M-Plus today, we can see and tune to stations across the bands in an instant, see band conditions and much more, including access the latest digital modes including an advanced CW decoder with text sending! More than that, the audio quality produced by the Spectrum is low noise and a pleasure to listen to!

News update - July 1: To improve logistics and costs we have focused on two versions of the Spectrum SDR, both with 5-inch day-bright touch display, 192/384KHz spectrum scope and independent general coverage all-modes receiver. The two versions offer either a TTL or RS232 level serial port, plus USB bridge.
Units are now shipping regularly and delivery times are under 30 days.

New features: We are working on many new features for this capable 1 billion operations per second SDR, including digital modes and a voice-user interface (VUI). The day-bright 5-inch XGA display is truly stunning, and able to achieve an incredible 1000 frames per second !

The electronics now includes a 20-30dB pre-amplifier for the IF/RF receiver, a sensitive microphone for the VUI, and a powerful audio amplifier.

We are working on many other new features including new screen formats and digital modes.

To keep up-to-date please visit our FB group, QuantumSDR!

Spectrum DSP M-Plus SDR unit
Spectrum DSP M-Plus SDR unit

Elecraft KX3 + Spectrum DSP+ using 12 KHz offset for reduced noise