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All things radio!

As enthusiasts we all have our own Spectums here, and love them because they open up the air-waves to us!
We can see stations across the band, the conditions and much more, including the latest digital modes and a CW decoder with text sending! More than that, the audio quality produced by the Spectrum is low noise and a pleasure to listen to!

News update: The new M7 Cortex-based Spectrum units are up an running, and the performance is everything we hoped for and some! It has been an enormous amount of work and we hope that people will love the faster and smarter new + versions.

The low-energy M7 MCU is amazing, with over 1 billion DSP operations per second, and a wide range of interfaces for all the connection options we can think of. The aim is to have a standardized platform across the range that has the capability to be expanded to include advanced features such as AI signal processing, a new technology for radio communications.

Spectrum units are produced following periodic group buys, where member fund purchasing to allow costs to be reduced.

We'll keep you posted but please visit of FB group, QuantumSDR! Thanks for your support! 73